Me in Three | The What & Why
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The What & Why


In a nutshell MI3 is an online platform that allows employers and job seekers to connect in a video based format. Job Seekers will record their answers to the 5 most commonly asked interview question. In addition, seekers will have the opportunity to utilize our “Close Me” tool, which essentially allows seekers to SELL themselves on why they are the best fit for any particular position.  On the flip side, employers will have the opportunity to view candidates by simply entering the MI3 ID provided by the candidate via a received link or resume.


The idea behind MI3 and the reason to pursue it were actually quite selfish in the beginning. As a small business owner myself, I don’t have the luxury to step away and dedicate any significant amount of time to seek out new talent. Our last job ad brought in nearly 150 resumes for me to review. I spent hours trying to narrow them down to the number of people I actually wanted to interview but the problem was that I had 20 of them.

So I asked myself – How can I narrow them down further without spending any more hours? I remember looking at my wife and saying I wish I could see them, hear them, see body language all within an environment that is comfortable to them so I can see who they really are.

Then I realized that regardless of what job or industry candidates apply for, the basic questions always remain the same i.e. tell me about yourself, what are you strengths/weakness’ etc.

So I thought to myself, what if I can watch their answers online and narrow down my search in minutes without spending time conducting phone or face to face interviews???


resume-stackThe more time I spent thinking about the idea the more I realized how stagnant the hiring process has been from an evolutionary standpoint. Looking back, the only advancement we have made was when the job site was launched in 1999 and we went from mailing resumes to e-mailing resumes.

If you consider the importance and the opportunity the right job presents to a person and how it will impact their life and the life of the people around them, do you think it should all depend on a piece of paper that we send?

Wouldn’t you like to give your resume a face and a voice to show your intent, ambition and willingness to stand above the rest to get hired?

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