Me in Three | 3 Minutes for New Opportunities
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3 minutes is the time that you, the job seeker, have to stand out and make an impression on your potential future employer.


3 minutes is all it takes for employers to further narrow down the search for the right candidate.

MI3 is an online platform that allows employers and job seekers to connect in a video based format.  Job Seekers will record their answers to the 5 most commonly asked interview questions while Employers view the videos and choose which candidates to pursue.


How It Started

The idea behind MI3 and the reason to pursue it were actually quite selfish in the beginning. As a small business owner myself, I don’t have the luxury to step away and dedicate any significant amount of time to seek out new talent. Our last job ad brought in nearly 150 resumes for me to review. I spent hours trying to narrow them down to the number of people I actually wanted to interview but the problem was that I had 20 of them.


So I asked myself – How can I narrow them down further without spending any more hours? I remember looking at my wife and saying “I wish I could see them, hear them, see body language all within an environment that is comfortable to them so I can see who they really are”.


Job Seekers


Step 1. Register - It's free!


Step 2. Record your answers to the 5 most commonly asked interview questions.


Step 3. Share!! Add and share your MI3 ID with employers and add a link to your resume.


Step 4. Be seen, be heard, get hired! Get started today!



Step 1. Enter the job seeker account ID


Step 2. View their answers to the most commonly asked interview questions.


Step 3. Further narrow down your search of potential candidates in minutes.

Employers, can you put a value on your time?


Let’s say you narrowed down the search for the right job candidate from 150 to 10. The traditional practice would be to conduct a phone interview or a formal interview. Let’s predict conservatively that you spend 30 minutes with each Job Seeker, making it at minimum a total of 5 hours. With MI3 you can narrow down your search for more effective interviews in just 30 minutes.



Committing to hours upon hours of interviewing can be costly. You lose time, money, and your resources that could be utilized elsewhere. Some of our clients don’t always hire locally or domestically but focus on the international markets; in this instance MI3 can be a great money saving tool. MI3 will help narrow down your search for potential candidates which means fewer travel expenses, lodging, and meals. Spend your money on top employees, not finding them.

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